29 - 30 November, 2016
Hotel Nikko Hong Kong, Kowloon, Hong Kong

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Preparing for 2020: Hong Kong Financial Services' Top 5 priority responses

The pace of global change in financial services continues to accelerate as market incumbents, emerging FinTech startups and newcomers of every kind try to offer more sophisticated yet convenient means of moving money. Nowhere is this trend more apparent than in Hong Kong; the city that prides itself on being the financial gateway to the rest of China as well as a hugely influential international finance hub in its own right.
How can Hong Kong retain its prominence in Chinese and international finance?
Find out the top 5 priority responses from the influencers here!

Adapt to Survive: How Retail Banks Are Adapting to FinTech Disruption

Alternative lending models are transforming the banking sector, creating both competitive threats and evolutionary opportunities for financial institutions in Asia. But with an estimated 4,000 firms challenging banks in every product line, the level of disruption facing the financial industry has reached a tipping point. It’s time to adapt to survive. Download this infographic to learn how.

Dealing with Disruption: Lessons learned from Barclays Bank Digital Transformation Journey

Digital Disruption is no longer a new concept to the financial services industry. Over the past 12 months, many financial organisations – large and small – have been transforming and restructuring their business models to drive digital capability. John Berghout, Chief Operating Officer, Digital Banking at Barclays Bank, explores how Barclays is reassessing their business model for digital transformation.

What is Digital Transformation and Why is it a Disruption?

Lots of people are now talking about ‘digital transformation’, but what does it really mean, and why is it a disruption? To answer this question, industry expert: Vincent Leung, Regional Digital Communications Manager, Brand & Communications, Asia Pacific, at BNP Paribas dives into the theory of digital innovation and the essential foundation you need to make it happen.

Biggest areas of opportunities for blockchain in financial services

In a few short years, blockchain has progressed from obscurity and an often-problematic association with Bitcoin to the point where it is now widely regarded as the technology with the greatest potential to revolutionise the modern global financial services ecosystem as we know it. As the applications of blockchain become more widely discussed and understood, investment capital is flowing into the technology more readily and in ever-greater amounts.
We are currently standing on the cusp of blockchain technology completely disrupting the global financial services industry due to its potential to revolutionise an extremely wide range of financial processes and interactions. What are the biggest potential implications of blockchain technology being leveraged effectively by banks and financial institutions (FIs) of all sizes and sector origins? Find out in this article now!


Financial Services Summit Hong Kong 2016 (s)

The Financial Services Summit Hong Kong navigates through the complexities of Hong Kong’s unique financial services sector in the digital age. The summit will help you successfully align winning digital and customer experience strategies to improve efficiency, increase customer loyalty, foster digital transformation and generate revenue growth. Download the agenda now >>