The Hong Kong Foreign Financial Institutions Association

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The Hong Kong Foreign Financial Institutions Association was established in 1986. The objective of the Association is to represent and support the general interests in Hong Kong of financial institutions incorporated outside the Asian financial hub; collect and disseminate information relating to the activities of foreign institutions which share an interest in growing their businesses in and from Hong Kong.
The Association meets quarterly over luncheons when guest speakers share views and insights on topics of current interest. These meetings offer opportunities to get to know other fellow members of the HKFFIA. We have had many prominent figures from the Hong Kong SAR Government such as the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, the Treasury Department and the Stock Exchange to address our members. More recently, the IMF has delivered its report to our members. Our guest speakers also came from the central banks of member countries. On a need basis, the HKFFIA organized small gathering where current matters can be debated with relevant experts of the financial industry.
The membership of the Association comprises approximately 50 representing banks, insurance companies and fund managers from several European countries, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Phillipines, Thailand, Singapore, USA, South America, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, The Middle East and South Africa.

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